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From time to time, we enjoy compiling lists of players who make our non-official and totally unregulated open source EDSBS Hall of Fame of That Guy. While not an authoritative list, the Hall of Fame of That Guy basically consists of any player whose name generates the reaction "Oh! That guy!" and a nod of appreciation accompanied by a general flood of warm, affectionate feelings.

These can be anyone, really, but usually follow a general pattern of being quarterbacks who survived seasons that would have killed lesser men; people with odd hair and a penchant for tattoos; defenders who actively courted personal fouls and ejections; lovable players who never really seemed to totally grasp the rules of football; people who survived jet-ski accidents; hapless high school stars clearly struggling to just stay on the field and not hurt themselves or anyone else in the process; players who did, in fact, hurt their teams immensely, and lived to talk about it; and, finally, charismatic harmless idiots.

The current list, which is by no means complete, is as follows:

Brandon Carter, Texas Tech

Bear Woods, Troy University

Fred Weary, Florida

John Henderson, Tennessee

Teako Brown, Florida

Matt Elam, Florida

Sam Shade, Alabama

Bradlee Van Pelt, Colorado State

Dave Ragone, Louisville

Robert Marve, Purdue (née Miami)

Michael Henig, Mississippi State

Ryan Perrilloux, LSU

Clint Stoerner, Arkansas

Jacquizz Rogers, Oregon State

Jamie Winborn, Vanderbilt

Brandon Cox, Auburn

Jared Lorenzen, Kentucky

Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Arian Foster, Tennessee

Pat White, West Virginia

John Holmes, West Virginia

Owen Schmitt, West Virginia

D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia

Jonathan Crompton, Tennessee

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa

Erik Ainge, Tennessee

Javon Ringer, Michigan State

Keiwan Ratliff, Florida

Jeff Smoker, Michigan State

Brad Wing, LSU

Marques Slocum, Michigan

Stephen Garcia, South Carolina

Jermaine Cunningham, Florida

Dicky Lyons, Kentucky

Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina

Lance Leggett, Miami

Kelvin Kight, Florida

Little John Flowers, Michigan State

Rennie Curran, Georgia

Pork Chop Womack, Mississippi State

Tim Dwight, Iowa

Riley Reiff, Iowa

J. Leman, Illinois

Owen Marecic, Stanford

Joel Klatt, Colorado

Rudy Carpenter, Arizona State

Boss Bailey, Georgia

Bo Wallace, Ole Miss

Troy Williamson, Stanford

John David Booty, USC

Jeremy Shockey, Miami

Titus Young, Boise State

LenDale White, USC

Phillip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn

Anthony Morelli, Penn State

Brian Griese, Michigan

Jarious Jackson, Notre Dame

Any Non-Vick, Virginia Tech

Suggest your own for this year's edition below.