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Harold Cunningham

Lost in all the questions and concerns - Why are they ranking 25 teams? Why are they doing any rankings before the final one? Something something recusal? - raised by the recent announcement of how the Playoff Committee will be going about its business is one very, very concerning question.

What the hell are y'all THINKING planning two days of meetings every week you do this?

Have you even been to a meeting before? You know it's not going to start on time. You know somebody's gonna have to call in. You know nobody's gonna know how to work the speakerphone. Then everyone's gonna have to wait because Ty Willingham forget his keycard and needs somebody to let him into the building. Then Mike Tranghese's pen runs out of ink. Where do we keep extra pens? What do you mean the supply closet is locked? Somebody find out where the office manager is.

That's all before you even start dealing with the business at hand. Thirteen people are going to be in these meetings, and each and every one of them is used to having their opinion heard. The ideal meeting size is two people. That way, when things get off-topic (and they always go off-topic), there is no third person silently stewing about how this meeting is taking forever because nobody can stay focused. Once you add that third person, things take a turn for the decidedly worse.


Now you wanna have a meeting with THIRTEEN people? You know what happened the last time 13 people got together for a meeting??


Just wait until Auburn fans make that connection.

But the number one mistake you made was not agreeing to these unnecessary and overlong meetings. No, where you really screwed up was TALKING so much about meetings. Just send out the time and place and tell everybody to show up. The only thing worse than a meeting is pre-meeting bullshit.