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Gregory Shamus

The EDSBS Bowl 2K14 closed at midnight last night, and the total for the week's fundraising is staggering and very much awesome: $33,250.85 raised for Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta, all from your contributions. This is amazing, and smashes last year's total of $31,000, and you are all wonderful and perfect humans for that. Thank you from the bottom of our heart, and only the blackest of metal can express our joy.

The full totals broken down by schools are:

University of Michigan $10,183.68

University of Georgia $4,024.20

Notre Dame $2,249.32

University of Alabama $1,977.55

Georgia Institute of Technology $1,969.72

Auburn University $1,716.40

Louisiana Tech University $1,639.61

Cornell $1,000.00

Kansas State $829.19

University of Texas $741.98

US Military Academy - West Point $525.00

US Naval Academy $500.00

University of Missouri $500.00

University of Florida $456.28

University of California Los Angeles - UCLA $385.28

University of Nebraska - Lincoln $345.17

University of Minnesota $309.56

Michigan State $275.07

Ohio State University $263.51

Texas A & M $258.00

Make Spencer Eat Cheese U $210.00

Case Western Reserve $182.00

University of Oregon $165.38

Boise State $154.67

University of Arkansas $153.41

Indiana University $152.24

North Carolina State University $150.00

Virginia Tech $132.66

Kenyon $127.26

Penn State University $121.84

University of Wisconsin $114.63

Purdue $112.10

West Virginia University $108.00

University of Houston $100.06

UCSD $100

University of Illinois $100.00

Ole Miss $94.14

Syracuse University $90.61

Louisiana State University $87.52

University of Virginia $77.13

University of Oklahoma $77.00

Arizona State University $68.21

Vanderbilt $66.38

Miami (OH) $66.06

Clemson University $63.17

Hillsdale $63.14

University of Maryland $62.00

University of Mississippi $61.33

Mercer $54.28

Princeton $51.48

University of South Carolina $51.18

Carnegie Mellon $50

Stanford $50.00

Chatham College $50.00

University of Kentucky $50.00

Florida State University $44.31

University of North Carolina - UNC $40.00

Cal Poly $38.14

University of Louisville $36.09

Towson $33.18

Central Michigan University $32.31

Marshall $31.20

Tufts $31.00

Fordham $30.29

Baylor $30.10

Duke $27.25

Simon Fraser University $27.20

University of Washington $27.17

Georgia Southern University $26.20

Kennesaw State $25.00

Oklahoma State $25.00

University of Kansas $25.00

Ohio University $25.00

Miskatonic $23.21

University of Memphis $21.17

University of Southern California $20.17

Tulane $19.98

Northwestern $17.16

University of Massachusetts $17.10

Boston College $17.00

Pitt $10.10

Skidmore $10

Awaiting Names $205.00

So yes, MICHIGAN WON AGAIN. Hail to the Victors as usual, but this time there is something different. Not only do we have to make the Ann Arbor road trip (for the Penn State game, maybe?) and give it the full treatment, but since we hit $30K in total donations we have to do something drastic and serious as suggested by the commentariat. Leave your suggestions below.

Additionally, we have a few thank you Vines to make for the top donations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday's big donor comes from UGA and the Napa Valley SEC gang, who generously unloaded three grand in donations for RRISA. We promise you may never see us say what we're about to say again.




A final thank you to our monthly donors, who sign up to do this every month for a great cause. Of all the things we do on this very silly website, this may be the one that actually matters beyond the confines of fart jokes and Bret Bielema photoshops. So again, thank you, and we'll do this all again next year.