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We're not going to make fun of Mark Richt's art for a few reasons. It happens to be really good art for anyone, actually, since that looks quite a bit like D'Andre Walker. It happens to be really, really good on the football coach arc, a particularly cruel one when you figure out just how shallow the skill sets of most football coaches are when you veer away from the whiteboard and into the depths of the real world. (Try imagining Ed Orgeron drawing a dog, and your laughter will be the only support we need for this claim.)

It also happens to be a genuine skill, like planning. For instance, like planning the maintenance of a small but fervent college football site when you're going out of the country. Oh, and your assistant editor is also leaving the country, leaving only Jane, and the denizens of the site to mind the store while you're gone. See, planning for that adequately would take skill: the skill of planning. Which we don't have.

So over the next few days, while Mr. Tub and ourselves are traipsing around the Continent in separate locations, you'll be in Jane's hands and...your own, really. We'll try to pop in as best we can, but we'll be "on assignment" and running around in Hell. Literally. The place we are going is called "Hell."

Please submit your own drawings of football coaches in the comments in the meantime. Choose any one of them, and your own medium. MS Paint is fine, but scanning a hastily scrawled Bob Stoops that looks like an epileptic three year old's work into the company scanner is really how you want to get fired these days.