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If you somehow believe that amateur sports is not going to be a better place for all the pissing and moaning the press, players, and other advocates/communists are doing, consider what happened yesterday. The NCAA and its partner institutions (the schools, the real people behind all of this) decided that for the first time in amateur athletics history, schools could give athletes as many snacks and as much food as they liked.

There are a lot of ways to control people. You can control their money, and how they get it. You can control where they live. You can control who they can and can't talk to, and sanction them for that. Finally, you can control the most basic human need of all: what they eat. And as absurd as it may sound, the NCAA to some extent tried to control some aspect of all of those things until yesterday, when they finally conceded after public embarrassment to allowing schools to give players as much food as they liked.

It's deeply laughable to consider that this even constitutes progress. It's more laughable still that there may have been a person out there who opposed giving players more food while continuing to hold back stipends and additional cash from them. This is why amateur athletics-- and in turn, college football-- has put itself in such a stupid position as to conjure up the real prospect of a players' union. When you act like the company store and beggar over the number of biscuits on the tray, you wake up to an empty mine and picket lines and all that shit that only the worst industries with the lowest regard for human capital have to face.*

*We repeat: amateur athletics didn't learn the lessons that other businesses learned OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Fucking. Idiots.