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Hi, Nebraska fans who might actually think this is a bad thing. (There are like three of them, but bear with us.) You watch a sport for fun. A sport, i.e. a game you probably barely pay for in a lot of instances. Even if you do pay for tickets, you pay very little relative to the minutes per dollar invested in the experience. It is entertainment, and that is important in life, but it is entertainment nonetheless.

And you should get mad over football, or woodworking, or pogs, or whatever the hell you're into, because that is part of the venting and release involved in the grand entertainment/distraction cycle. But also, just for shits and giggles, remember that coaches and players used to get to have a lot more fun in the course of helping you have fun. Hell, they used to get the entire bowl season to fart around and play in exhibition games in sunny places where they wore funny hats, got drunk at dinners paid for by shadowy chambers of commerce, and watched their coaches goof around on stage after three or four too many scotches.

(Bear Bryant even hoisted Gene Stallings up on his shoulders after Stallings beat him in a bowl game once. That Bear Bryant.)

So if Bo Pelini wants to have some fun at the spring game, you let him. It won't change a thing in the direction of the negative, and might serve as a reminder of the obvious but obviously forgotten-- that this is supposed to be fun, even if you're the often terrifying Bo Pelini. We'd be doing the Rag Top in our living room if Will Muschamp had come out with a cat in his arms at the spring game this past Saturday, and that doesn't even make sense.* It'd be something fun in the face of the ever-present spectre of a firing and people at the gas station asking you when you're going to beat [insert rival school either.]

You want paid misery, film yourself at work or watch the NFL. You want coaches hoisting cats aloft, well, you're in the right place.

*Muschamp would probably find a possum, mistake it for a cat, and then adopt it and love it dearly as a family pet because Will is slightly confused about anything that is not football, and because he is actually a really good dude who would just say WELL HE'S OURS NOW, Y'ALL, AND WE GOTTA LOVE HIM.