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This is the first photo we found of Dee Hart, and it's kind of appropriate.
This is the first photo we found of Dee Hart, and it's kind of appropriate.
Kevin C. Cox

A roster made up of nothing but four and five star recruits works out the same way as every other roster does in this sense: it'll distribute itself normally, and you will end up with a bell curve of production. On the far end are recruits like Cyrus Kouandjio, a five star recruit who became an immediate contributor on Alabama's offensive line. On the other end, there's Dee Hart.

Reserve running back Dee Hart was arrested Sunday, Tuscaloosa police confirmed to The former 5-star prospect was charged with possession of marijuana and giving false information. Hart was released from jail after posting $1,300 bond.

Hart never cracked the starting lineup, tallying only 43 carries total in his two years of work in Tuscaloosa, and wouldn't have been a factor this year anyway with monsters--literal, child-eating monsters like Derrick Henry--lurking on the spring depth chart. Teams like Alabama continue to exist in a realm of such luxury that they can not only stand a five star running back leaving the team for an arrest, but can also leave him on the shelf for the better part of two years because hell, we've got two or three more of those at arm's length, and one or two more on the way this year.

TL; DR: Nick Saban, just doing Escobar things with recruits like they were money he could let mold in caves because, eh, who can spend it when you've got forkliftable stacks of it just sitting around?

(By the way, Derrick damn Henry. You didn't just hallucinate him. He's real, and next year maybe he'll get more than nine carries in a game.) (Sorry for the seizures resulting from that reminder that Alabama somehow lost to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl in a real football game not played under protest or A-11 rules.)