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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

WE MEAN, IT'S BEEN PRETTY SPECTACULAR. It's a hype video so the editing is everything, but to consider that all this happened in a single season of football at Ole Miss (Ole Miss! The schizophrenic cousin of the SEC!) is to start thinking about Hugh Freeze as something pretty unique in the history of the program.

Oh, and just skip to the last minute and see what they finish with as a last image.

GOOD PEOPLE JUST GET THEIR REWARDS IN THIS LIFE. If a longtime sportswriter is retracting his announcement that Lane Kiffin has won the Broyles Award for being the best assistant coach in college football, it can only mean that Lane Kiffin will win the Broyles Award when it is announced at 12:30 p.m. later today. Congratulations to Lane Kiffin on finding Amari Cooper on the field every other play.

A PLEASANT AND RELAXING START TO HIS CAREER. Jim McElwain, in one of his first major challenges at Florida, gets to try and salvage a recruiting class with exactly seven standing recruits. That's one less than they had at the start of the week as OL commit George Brown, Jr., he of the baby alligator announcement, announced he was going to LSU. WHEEE THIS IS ALREADY SO MUCH FUN.

RIP, ADORABLE BAPTIST BEAR. The only time it's really okay to use Family Guy in discussing anything. BTW, Big 12 coaches put an extension on that middle finger in the final coaches poll, though Jimbo Fisher doubled down on that by not putting Georgia in at all. (Which is totally justifiable for any school that lost to this year's Florida team.) Bret Bielema also shat upon Kansas State because evidently they don't sell the right flavor of Hamm's in Manhattan.

MONDAY WAS A QUIET DAY AT THE OFFICE. Willie Taggart using the Werewolf Escape Plan here: it's not whether you're faster than the werewolf, it's whether your friends are slower than you, and thus become its food before you do.

WAIT, DAMMIT, THIS ISN'T THE MEETING ROOM-- Kansas' new head coach David Beaty had their team first meeting in the weight room either to send a message, or because he was confused. Either one's possible, and now we'll wonder why Kansas had to hire the non-weird Air Raid guy. (DON'T HIRE THE NON-WEIRD AIR RAID GUY, EVER.)

TONY SANCHEZ TAKES THE UNLV JOB. The really interesting part in UNLV hiring a legendary local high school coach is finding out that UFC's owners are prominent boosters there. Sadly, the dream of Houston Nutt, coach by day and croupier by night, is now dead.

ETC: Sure, we'll attend a church if the wings are free. Did you know they used to kidnap people in the VT/VMI rivalry? From time to time we will link Boring As Heck's Banksy notebook because it is one of the greatest things ever put on the internet. Brian Cox does not give a fuck about anything or anyone.