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Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

1. The Orange Bowl starts at 8:00, and you should watch it because Paul Johnson secretly knows all the lyrics to Conga. In fact, the only English words he knows are those contained in the lyrics to Conga.

2. Let me take this opportunity to thank you, Commentariat, for another wonderful year. The most common Internet refrain is "don't read the comments," but you are the exception that proves the rule. (Even when you don't read the Curious Index and then post something that's linked to in the Curious Index in the comments to said Curious Index.) The weirdness we do is only possible with people egging us on and, in many cases, taking what we do to new and terrifying heights.* You're the best ragtag band of miscreants out there, and we're lucky to have y'all. Best wishes in 2015, from all of us.

*seriously, you could power a small city on the fire from the comments to that Rovell thing we did a while back.