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YOU STILL HAVE BOWLS LEFT TO EAT. Today, it's the Liberty, Russell Athletic, and Texas, lovingly previewed here by Bill C. Whether or not you watch these bowls, remember - to the winning team, it is the beginning of a probable national championship next year boomer sooner woo pig west by god gig and/or hook em tigers. The losing team? Wasn't motivated for some meaningless late December game, will have everything fixed by next fall and make a championship run.

MILITARY BOWL RECAP. Frank Beamer broke it down. The Bearcat tried to change history with his foot.

WHAT THE HELL, UTAH. The Utes finally got their first winning conference record since joining the Pac-12, will likely finish ranked in the AP Poll for the first time since 2009, beat Michigan, UCLA, and Stanford on the road it's all imploding? Is there something wrong with the Utah athletic director or somet-oh, it says here he went to Rutgers. I get it now.

UF(ARM SYSTEM FOR THE ACC). Jeff Driskel's possibly transferring to Duke, because Will Muschamp's major contribution to the college football universe during his Florida tenure was tearing down quarterbacks so ACC teams could build them back up again. He's the guy in your office constantly asking if anyone wants to adopt a puppy seriously he has like seven in his garage and they refuse to eat Krystal burgers.

THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER. After so many rumors and speculations and doubts, we turn to the printed word (and photograph) for some reliable view of what the future holds for Michigan.

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ETC. Dammit Spider-Man, get it together.