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The Michigan Twitter account is funny and cruel. We're inviting them to Christmas dinner, where we may also be celebrating Harbaugh's hire as Michigan's new coach. MGoBlog has been covering this like a hostage situation, which it sort of is, but one interesting note day-to-day: how NFL beat reporters have gone from being utterly certain Harbaugh was going to stay in the league to "Well there's like a 70% chance of this happening." We're fine with that, btw, because that's how developing situations work. They develop, change, and make everyone look stupid. (Even the people being hired.)

EVERYTHING'S COMING UP MICHIGAN. Wolverine-torturer and professional menace-maker Pat Narduzzi, the defensive coordinator at Michigan State, is taking the interim head coaching position at Pitt. The interim is our addition, because Narduzzi will undoubtedly leave Pitt in the end just like everyone else does. Just call Pitt Angel of the Morning and touch their cheek before taking the next job, Pat. It's the tender, country music thing to do.

BOBO. BOBO BOBO. BOBO! Mike Bobo will no longer be around to torch SEC defenses or take the brunt of the blame for Georgia's shortcomings, though UGA expats will probably show up in the stands in Fort Collins and yell "FIRE BOBO" just for old times' sake. Remember: your offensive coordinator is screwing it up, and always does.

THE PLATINUM CHOICE OF THE BOWL SEASON THUS FAR. Bill C is not lying when he says that the Miami Beach Bowl was the greatest bowl game of all time (of the past week) and that's not just because it featured a truly horrendous postgame brawl that involved Memphis and BYU.  In addition to the brawl, a last-minute 4th down TD throw, and a game-saving 55 yard field goal that would have been good from Valdosta, the game led to some of the best shade you will ever see an official school website throw.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT. EL TRACTORCITO ES EL NOMBRE MEJOR. <----link brought to you by largely forgotten high school Spanish.

ETC: Nah? Nah.