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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

THE PRETTIEST AND THE BADDEST. These titles both belong to the same person in this picture and it's Barry Switzer.

"For the talent portion of the competition, I will drink whisky from a boot while forcing Darrell Royal into retirement."

MIKE LEACH, UNLIKE BO WALLACE, IS NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. So according to Mike Leach, the calf is part of the ankle, which Connor Halliday broke in a career-ending injury against USC, and contains the tibia and the fibula. Fibia. One of those two. Medical science is a lie, only go to SEC West quarterbacks for all your medical needs.

READ DAILY, THEN READ AGAIN. The Smart Football Glossary should be preserved on platinum and diamond serversin a bombproof vault thousands of feet below the Sonoran Desert.

JEFF DRISKEL BACK? As a possible bit player in the Wildcat, which even in that small dose makes use insanely nervous.

YUP WOODY WAS FUCKING INSANE. It was linked in H.A.S. yesterday, but yes: Woody Hayes thought everyone at My Lai deserved it, and he was the fucking craziest football coach to ever not be convicted of murder. He was also the Zodiac Killer and no, you can't disprove this even if you wanted to.

BLOOD AND DARKNESS AND YUP IT'S BAMA/LSU TIME. So it did get a bit dark this week in Louisiana, but it's that time of year.

ETC: Pretty sure Migos are better than the Beatles and that this title is completely accurate. BRIAN PHILLIPS ON SUMO GO READ THAT NOW QUIT YOUR JOB AND READ IT NOW.