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Being a college football fan in the age of social media means you cross paths with far more people outside of your group than you would otherwise. For me, this is particularly true with Ohio State fans. I don't think I knew any growing up in Florida, and my (uninformed) opinion of Buckeyes as a whole was not particularly high. But most of the Ohio State fans I've gotten to know online and then met in person - Luke ZimmermannDenny Mayo - are totally nice and normal people who rarely, if ever, threaten me with violence when I whisper "41-14."

I bring this point up because my quintessential Will Muschamp moment involves meeting an Ohio State internet person in real life. In this case, the Buckeye in question is Ramzy Nasrallah, who was going to come by the SB Nation NYC office to watch some games and eat some food. This was in November 2012, and Florida had a noon game against Louisiana-Lafayette. The Gators were 8-1 at that point because sure why not. I, stupidly, presumed that I could get to our office late and catch the end of what I assumed would be a relatively smooth Florida win.

When I got off the subway, I checked my phone. And Florida was losing by seven in the fourth quarter. I kept walking, and kept checking, and finally the Gators tied the game on a pass from Jacoby Brissett. This was around the time I got to the office.

So I walk in and introduce myself to Ramzy. He offers me some rye, which he's brought to share. Lafayette's just trying to get to overtime, and then:

I'm probably supposed to get excited about this. It's a great punt block, and it's a win to keep Florida alive in the BCS hunt. But goddamn if it doesn't just feel stupid and ridiculous. So I take the drink from Ramzy, down it, and congratulate myself for not watching most of this game.

And that's my most Will Muschamp moment.