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OREGON'S A RURAL STATE. And you know this because where most state's rival coaches do anti-DUI ads, Oregon's coaches have to tell you to be careful when you're burning shit in your backyard.


IT'S UP TO PAUL RHOADS AND THAT MEANS TCU'S IN THE PLAYOFF. You're damn right TCU ran up the score, mostly because they had to, and also because Texas made it so irresistible in the end. Bill's correct: if everything holds and TCU manages to avoid an upset at the hands of Iowa State, TCU will likely be in the playoff even if Baylor scores 500 points on Kansas State. (Baylor cannot score 500 points on Kansas State, because Bill Snyder even has a plan for the "lose by a resume-crippling margin" plan in his playbook. He was at Dunkirk, and he took notes.)

OH LOOK, AN LSU GAME HAD A CURIOUS AND DISASTROUS ENDING. An uncalled offsides infraction, an interception at the last second, and another game in the Les Miles era comes to the ending you've come to expect. LSU happened to win this one, something made a lot easier by the wretched Texas A&M defense and the Aggies continued inability to do what everyone else in the SEC has managed to do: run a spread offense against a John Chavis defense.

SPEEDY NOIL DID PROVIDE MOMENTARY RELIEF. The swim move as save should not go unnoticed in the loss.

ARMOGEDDON. It's a catchy name for the rivalry, but let's remember the real reason to be grateful for this game and for Mizzou coming to the SEC: it means we don't have to watch Kansas/Missouri anymore.

SOMEONE HAS TO WIN THIS GAME. Allegedly! Because Virginia and Virginia Tech still have to play a football game, even if Frank Beamer is approaching his dream of the perfectly null football game. (Quality work on the tail end of that URL, Streaking The Lawn.)