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Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

ROLL DAMN DUKES. This year's FCS playoff bracket is up, and my Final Four is New Hampshire, Eastern Washington, Richmond, and James Madison. I got James Madison winning it all and then taking SMU's spot in the American. Vad Lee's got this.

THE INTERNET CAN MAKE ANYTHING REAL. Like a Big Ten rivalry trophy for Minnesota and Nebraska that's made out of broken furniture and paper currency, which is also what Kirk Ferentz uses to stuff his Thanksgiving turkey. The key is slow roasting it over course of the next six years and occasionally sprinkling it with Outback Bowl.

355. That's the number of career catches for ECU wide receiver Justin Hardy, the new record after Hardy finished with nine receptions against Tulane. In totally unrelated news, Florida has 342 catches as a team between this year and last year. Will Muschamp football, we're gonna missssss youuuuuuuuuuu.

CLEARLY AN EDSBS READER. Dabo Swinney loves Clemson and won't leave it for Florida no matter how many remote control cars you promise him wait even the one that looks like Grave Digger well shoot let's think this out for just a daggone minute.

ETC. Not a link, but I'm at the airport right now and there's a dude wearing a 9/11 Memorial sleeveless t-shirt. I just thought you should know a) that we're selling sleeveless 9/11 Memorial shirts and b) someone decided "yes, the airport is the place where I should wear this."