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AND NOW HE WAITS. Duke got throttled last night against UNC, in part because our antiquated football rules don't award you points when a punter downs his own punt. That puts Georgia Tech into the ACC Championship Game against Florida State, so be prepared for weeks of FSU fans telling you what dirty cheating blockers the Jackets are. Chop blocks, cut blocks, throwing star blocks, rotary saw blocks, shiv blocks. You name it, Paul Johnson's boys will use it to lacerate you and block for a running back.

GOOD MORNING, COACH MORA. It's really funny when someone is trying hard not to curse but just can't help it, and darn if that's not exactly what happened to motherfuckin Jim Mora at UCLA's pre-USC rally. You must be frustrated as heck, you fuckin fuck!

DID A REALLY GOOD JOB. Did. A. Really. Good. Job.  D i d.  A.  R e a l l y.  G o o d.  J o b.

TECHNOLOGY WILL SAVE US. Buffalo and Kent State tried to reschedule their game this week due to weather but decided late last night that things just weren't going to work out and canceled it altogether. Not to be deterred, our Buffalo blog, Bull Run, is posting a gamethread anyways based on a simulation of the game they ran on NCAA 2014. We respect your commitment to MACtion.

THE PUNTING NUN. THE NUNTER. It's a story about a nun at a D-III school who coaches kickers and punters. Just go read it already.

ETC. The NFL isn't as consistently fun as college football, but, oh, it has some high points. Dinosaurs also kicked each other in the junk.