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BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENS. Thoughts and best wishes to anyone effected by the library shootings in Tallahassee.

THE GEEK RENAISSANCE MAY BE OVER. Hinton writing about Stanford does make the situation in Palo Alto seem more than depressing for Stanford fans watching the window of possibility close on the Cardinal. It would get a lot worse if Michigan, in flux on the leadership side and looking for something roughly compatible to their academic-athletic model, hired Shaw away. (Not that Shaw's not to blame somewhat here, but he's certainly not blameless.)

SIX MINUTES REMINDING YOU THAT YOUR JOB IS PRETTY EASY. Marcus Lutrell speaking to the Alabama football team is yeah, that mandatory must watch kind of viewing, and also is still something you might want to watch.

INHERENT GAYNESS WOULD BE A PROGRAM STRENGTH, IMHO. Not according to Miami fans in this week's TWIS, but that's not surprising if you're familiar with the Hurricane fan's first and last move in the game of football rhetoric. Remember: that's the fanbase that had a dude call Holly a "f****t" leaving the Florida game in 2013 because we didn't talk to him. THAT'S commitment to innovation right there.

THE READ OPTION, DONE BEEN READ. VT did a great job on it by stacking the edge against Duke.

HOUSTON NUTT CALLED A TIMEOUT BECAUSE THE GAME KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO. We didn't even ask him to do that, but there he went anyway because he is Houston Nutt, and video games render reality accurately 100% of the time.

ETC: Oh man Ava's in so much trouble in the last season of Justified.