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Mike Zarrilli

GURLEY, FREED. The suspension is over, and maybe Mark Richt will just choose to ease him into the game and okay well yeah maybe not--

Translated from Richtian into any other person's angerspeak, that would be "I will swing Todd Gurley like the unbreakable skullshattering hammer of an angry and remorseless demon until all lies in tatters and shards around me."

THEY'RE BRIGHT BOYS AND GIRLS THEY CAN PROBABLY FIGURE IT OUT. Yes, the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia game will only be carried on the SEC Network, a channel not carried on the Georgia Tech campus. Two things, though. One: no one actually pays for cable in Atlanta, and hasn't ever. Two: if any fanbase could find a way to pipe an pirated HD feed into every television on campus using only thirty feet of coax, a single iPhone, and a garbage can lid doubling as a satellite dish, it's Georgia Tech's.

AND THEY FOUGHT FOR A TROPHY NAMED "GARY". Laugh now, but a rivalry trophy named "Free Wi-Fi" would be more compelling than something like, say, "The Seminole War Canoe."

OLE MISS CAN STILL WIN THE SEC WEST. Dr. Bo has not declared this patient dead yet. Or this one over here, either. (That second patient is dead, or as Dr. Bo calls it, "Agree to disagree until I run this car battery through 'em.")

MAWWWWSE. The 30 for 30 on Randy Moss airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET and you must watch it no shut up you will watch it JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WATCH THE FUCKING SHOW IT'S RANDY MOSS BOW DOWN YOU INGRATES.

YOU COULD DO WORSE. Sewanee as a possible future model for college football isn't the worst idea.

ETC: This sounds like a graphic novel about Alabama football.