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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Curious Index will only feature extremely awesome things; we are aware there are un-awesome things in the world, like Pharaoh Brown's leg injury knocking him out for the rest of the season, but we will not talk about those things at the moment.

I mean, yeah, we just did talk about one of those things. But that didn't count. Italics never count. You're not even reading this part.

GOPH SHORTY / IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY. Jerry Kill is a very good coach and an extremely confident locker room dancer. Jerry Kill is taking all of the trophies this year, including the ones that aren't even related to football. Just hand over the Claret Jug now, Rory McIlroy. Don't make this difficult.

BIG MAN RECEPTIONS. Lane Kiffin gave us the sight of an offensive tackle tearing up the seam and hauling in a pass and so we are willing to partially forgive him for his Lane Kiffin-ness. (He'll waste this opportunity within the week, don't worry.) And this is how he did it.

PROPERTY DESTRUCTION IS COOL. Kansas football is not often a cause for mass celebration, but when it is, things get torn down. We have no problem with this whatsoever. Don't hurt anybody and don't damage anything else, but otherwise? Rip down the goalposts when the urge arises. Do it on a Wednesday afternoon if you have a particularly excellent lunch.

GUESS WHO'S BACK. Todd Gurley. And Deshaun Watson. And Catlab.

ETC. Did you skip here without watching Catlab? Go back and watch Catlab. Did you already watch Catlab before reading this? Watch Catlab again.