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Mike Zarrilli

WELL WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING. If there is a poster child for "tell the NCAA nothing and make them do the work to bust you," it is Georgia, which will be without Todd Gurley for an additional two games. Confession only belongs in Catholicism and Law & Order episodes, both of which are designed to be done with in an hour. (Georgia will still beat Florida on Saturday because Florida is terrible.)

GO FULL THROWBACK. Texas A&M unveiled a special 1939-inspired alternate uniform they'll wear against Louisiana-Monroe. The Aggies won the national championship in '39, but it wasn't Monroe they had to beat to claim that title:

Clearly too cowardly to play the Green Wave again this season. (Also, that baby is not the first person to plant his bare ass on the Sugar Bowl fifty yard line.)

NOPE NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Just good kids doing good things, don't know why you'd suggest otherwise. #Unconquered #Undefeated #Unprosecuted

THE NUMERICAL IS FULL OF WONDERS. West Virginia has a defense! Marshall should not be ignored! Fumbling on your first five possessions is a bad thing! Unless you're playing Texas Tech; you can probably turn it over on your first seven possessions against Texas Tech and still win by 20.

ETC. Man hitchhikes out of NFL game because he's "had his fill of football.MARYLAND IS BACK!