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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

BRIAN KELLY IS MAD AT YOU. Who calls traveling in a pick up game? And also he didn't travel. That was a vicious half step and you're just mad you got blown by and dunked on. Did he mention the double dribble he didn't call on you? You're disgusting.

BEHIND THE SCENES. This is a video in which I list three possible candidates for the inevitably-fired Will Muschamp. Because it is a list, the Internet started gnawing on it almost immediately, as lists are the Internet's primary source of sustenance. Some scientists estimate that the Internet would die after 7-9 days without a list. But I'm going to reveal a secret to you, valued EDSBS reader, about this particular list.

It was thrown together in an almost entirely half-assed matter, because the truth is I have no idea who Florida will hire, just like I had no idea they would hire Ron Zook in 2002. Life is full of mysteries that lists cannot account for. (We will later attempt to list those mysteries all the same, because hoo boy that Internet is a hungry child.)

MMM SCOREBOARD THOUGH. Sure, Steven Godfrey has "facts" and "analysis" and "good writing" to support the argument that Georgia isn't better with Todd Gurley held out of games, but I know two things. One, 2-0's better than 4-1. Two, ahahahaha Mark Richt called his passing game "aggressive" when they only threw the ball 17 times.

AND THEN THERE WERE TWELVE. Archie Manning's sitting out this Playoff Committee year due to knee surgery that will prevent him traveling. You know what this is, right? It's step one in Ty Willingham's plan to take out every other committee member so he's left in sole control of the selection process, enabling him to create his perfect bracket:

1. Sitting quietly in an airport terminal
2. Filing cabinets
3. Virginia (the state)
4. Virginia (the school)

ETC. Congratulations to Peyton Manning, the NFL's new all-time passing touchdowns leader. This isn't from his professional days, but we think it's his best scoring throw.