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LOOK AT IT. Just look at all of this weekend's schedule and try not to remove your pants immediately.

WHY DID YOU LET A MAN NAMED SANFORD LOVINGOOD HANDLE MONEY HE JUST SOUNDS LIKE OLD SOUTHERN CORRUPTION FLORIDA STATE. The FSU Seminoles Boosters let a dude named that touch their money,so maybe it's not so shocking that he appears to have departed the facility with somewhere between $500K and $750K of their money. Sanford Lovingood was their comptroller, and by definition not really supposed to do that. Given the history of investigations at Florida State, we expect Mr. Lovingood to miss a half of football or so and resume his duties.

Also, one of FSU's largest boosters is Al Dunlap. THAT Al Dunlap, the one barred from ever being a CEO ever again. For balance, we should also disclose that Dale Jr. gives to the program, as well, so they're not entirely amoral, psychopathic evil. (Please make Jimbo wear a jumpsuit covered with sponsors he has to thank after games, because he could get through like 70 of them in 45 seconds or so.)

EHHHHHH. Any news of an NCAA investigation of Ole Miss has to be tempered with the understanding that a.) no one cares and the NCAA is bullshit and b.) the cases are old and date back to the Houston Nutt era, which gives Ole Miss fans one more thing to blame on him. So they're pretty happy about that part, at least.

IN SHOCKING NEWS, NERD STATS LOVE STANFORD. The latest round of F/+ rankings are up and what the hell is this why is Stanford up there so far and yeah we're looking at you, math. We've never trusted you, and never will.

MORE AUDIO PESSIMISM. Tennessee fans are really, really optimistic about this weekend against Florida, and with like 30 minutes of a Florida fan bitching about how bad their football team is, well, why the hell wouldn't you be. Team Speed Kills listed all the ways Tennessee could beat Florida, and so many of them seem plausible at this point that the only real silver lining for Florida fans at this point would be winning, and then taunting with "you couldn't beat this team? THIS team?"

ETC: Finally wrote about the Outkast show last week, if you're into ATLphilia. It's a layer cake of Louisiana richness, all this.