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SO WE GOT IN A HOT TUB. That was last night around 11:30 PST. We did not leave said hot tub until damn near 3, and if you thought part 1 of our appearance with the Solid Verbal gents was weird, well, part 2 is yeah um yeah. And now we are tired in that weirdly painful way and have extremely dry skin. We're sorry, parents. We're so bad at life.

OH RIGHT THAT OTHER THING. In the event you care more about the BCS Championship Game than listening to us guess wildly as to how many people live in Canada, you can read Bud Elliott explain how you build a good-ass team with good-ass players. Or Andy Hutchins on how FSU gave the SEC the blueprints, lost their own copy, and might be ready to unveil the upgraded plans anyways. Or (and this is not optional) Bill Connelly's breakdown, because you don't know things and wouldn't you like to?

I COME TO BURY BCS, NOT TO PRAISE IT. Preach, Andy Staples. Though we think it's a pretty dick move that you don't invite Randy to these family events.

CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. The initial ascent's starting relatively smoothly, but Charlie Strong's roller coaster is probably going to have some dumb twists and loops, because a journalism major built this ride and he is not big on physics.

ETC. There are two types of people in this world: those who've made a Sarah Sprague recipe, and fools.