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We're bound for Miami this morning, land of good times, the occasional discovery severed goat heads on a public beach, and the Florida/Miami game, set for a scorching and totally nonsensical 12:00 kick in the nOrange Bowl. (Pro Player Landshark Sponsor's Fool's Gold Stadium, which is not half the grand dump the Orange Bowl was, and will never be.) So it's quick this a.m., and we'll see you in the air.

TIENES PREGUNTAS? The State of the U's preview answers much of what you need to know about environs, while Alligator Army is all over the news/defense of the great swampy north stream. Oh, look! Message boards look so weird these days. The fun part about intrastate bickering amongst fans of Florida schools is pretending they all don't share the burden of living in America's greatest tax-dodgin' gun-choked dystopia, but we applaud the effort all around. We are prepared for good times in all directions, so say hello since we'll be wandering the parking lots tomorrow.

YOU COULD READ OTHER MICHIGAN/ND PREVIEWS. But why on earth would you, you fierce little Figthings?

YOLO! TAMU belonged in the SEC all along and proves it every day.

THAT'S A WAY TO DO IT. The Pat Tillman Tunnel at ASU was fantastic.

EAT BUTT, PETA. Not that you would, you horrendous vegans, but birds are very stupid and deserve our domination.

WELL, HELL, IT WORKED. If he is anything, Pat Dye is a pragmatist.

ETC: Terrifying Djoker is our new desktop background, and that is why we have vertigo now. The Jags make some quality previews (if not quality football.) Get it how you live it, stuntin-ass yaks.