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Rob Carr


Early reaction on this, and the rest of the 2013 season:


PANKY UP. The Don, in his native element with pinky extended.


There's a story behind it, of course, but some things also speak for themselves.

CONFIDENCE IS A GREAT THING. And when you've lost 26 in a row to the same team, it is all you have.

TWIS. The best in unreasonable stress ends with a possum clutching a liquor bottle, a symbol of West Virginia's agony both now, and also in a lot of different life situations, actually.

NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS. The cryptic TCU t-shirt sold for the SMU game defies all explanation, and appears to be yet another case of college football's arcane ephemera destined for nonsensical obscurity. (Oh, we bought one. EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS.)

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Texas will play Baylor on December 7th, and when they do holy shit there are lot of things to worry about when you face them. Then again, they have more than two months to prepare, and certainly that's enough time for Greg Robinson, an accomplished defensive coordinator, to get them ready. [snickering] [more open snickering]

HIS BEARD IS GONE BUT HIS POWER REMAINS. LSU fullback J.C. Copeland likes to watch Spongebob Squarepants, which isn't a surprise because everyone loves Spongebob. However, the circumstances behind his viewing are a bit different, and led to amazing pictures of the thundering badass doing this.

HUNTING RODENTS SOUNDS FUN. It's certainly something to liven up Boston College football, and make PETA even angrier at the Eagles for having a, well...for having an eagle, their mascot, and a stupid bird who would die in the wild anyway.

ETC: Goddammit, Trevor, that doesn't even make sense. Like a man isn't obligated to shoot imaginary gorillas by law. The Rock's cheat day looks incredible. No, stop it Alabama. Just stop it right now.