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AWFUL. That is the only word one needs to describe the untimely death of Cincinnati freshman Ben Flick, who was killed in a car accident Saturday night, just two weeks after UCLA receiver Nick Pasquale's passing. It's a very sobering reminder that, despite our hyperemotional reactions to their performance on the field, these players are just taking their first steps into adulthood, steps that, for most of us, were probably filled with failures greater than dropping a third down pass. We send our condolences to Flick's family and teammates.

MUCH FARTHER DOWN THE AWFUL LADDER. Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel will miss the rest of the year after breaking his fibula against Tennessee, and if you're wondering why I got a little sidetracked above, this is why. We have made dozens and dozens of jokes at the expense of Jeff Driskel, Quarterback What Sometimes Don't Play Good, and we don't regret those. We can also, without any difficulty, seize upon this bit of empathy: it sucks to have an injury prevent you from doing something you love. The people who cheered or made smart remarks about this, or any, injury, don't get that. And so we extend our sympathy to them as well, because stupid tends to be recurring.

(STEPS OFF SOAPBOX.) (kicks soapbox into pieces) (throws pieces in river) Sorry about that. SOMETIMES WE JUST HAVE FEELINGS. The Happiness Express moves on to Texas, where the Longhorns got a much-needed win...and found out leading tackler Jordan Hicks will miss the rest of the year after injuring his Achilles tendon.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Rutgers running back Paul James, who had gone from unheralded walk-on to surprisingly capable starter (James is currently only behind Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon in rushing yards this season), will be out against SMU and Louisville after suffering a leg injury.

IT'S NOT ALL BAD. Week 4, you were so stupid and frustrating and shitty. When you weren't forcing us to watch FCS teams be bled to death for money, you gave us sloppy play that ultimately was of no consequence. Nowhere was this more true than in Connecticut, where Michigan basically just waited for UConn to UConn themselves into a loss. You suck, Week 4, and we don't want to see you ever again.

But you did give us some good internet beef. #karma