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Streeter Lecka


So your nutpunch series of events last night for NC State starts with this, which was ruled out of bounds, thus taking away the go-ahead score in a taut game against Clemson. Then it proceeds to a turnover a few snaps later, and then the bomb downfield by Tajh Boyd to turn it into a two score game, and then everything slides downhill from there, because that is what happens when you have a team fall off the steep edge of the Upset Trail. They fall all the way down, and break every bone on the way to the ground. That happens a lot anyway, but there's no reason for the officials to give them the extra push down the slope. (Still, NC State seems pretty sane about a proper screwing by the officials, and Clemson seems as happy as they can be about a tough road win with tons of flawed performances.)

ADDITIONALLY: Rece Davis suggested "Clemsoning" was really "Florida State-ing," which is why we will kiss him someday out of genuine love. Ooh! And there was punching!UMBO HORSE RIDES LIVE ON TV. The dudes from ATVS were on the TV this morning cooking pastalaya, and it went as deliciously as expected:

LSU remains the king of leisure football lifestyle engineering. Everyone else is fighting for a distant second.

HELLO, EVANSTON. Gameday at Wrigley, which makes total sense because baseball is football. If it happens, it will be well worth the BYCTOM post that results.

GO GATORS. No, what gator? We see no man in a gator suit.

STILL THE SAME. And now you're imagining Mike Vrabel, Red Bull in one hand and Power Bar in the other, singing "Hollywood Nights" as loud as his lungs will allow him to, driving somewhere on a recruiting trip and spitting a stripe of dip juice down the side of a rental car.

ETC. Well, that explains everything about the past decade. Please help a recovering libertarian. Yes, we are getting a bid in on the Aztek, and possibly a barrel or two. Ball out, young stunna.