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College GameDay is officially heading to Clemson to start the season, and, look, we get that. It's a big game, featuring two strong contenders with very lofty goals in 2013. The winner may reflect on this victory as the first step down a championship path. The loser will have to regroup quickly.

But it's time GameDay started venturing into new territory. If Wikipedia is to be believed (and if your doctor trusts it, why shouldn't you?), there are still far too many major conference schools who have never hosted Fowler, Herbstreit, and Dr. Teeth. What's the worst that can happen if you try something new, GameDay? Look at all these appealing options we've drawn up for you!

1. Mississippi hosts Texas A&M, October 12. The Rebels start with 4 out of 5 on the road; as a reward, they draw Texas A&M for their first conference opponent at home. Maybe that hellish early slate will have Ole Miss primed for an upset. Either way, you'll want to be on campus when Hugh Freeze faith heals the evil out of Johnny Manziel.

2. Baylor hosts Texas, December 7. Imagine how crazy those students are going to go when Corso almost puts on one of Mack Brown's vintage Golden Girls wigs but then tosses it aside and rides off victoriously atop a bear.

3. Maryland hosts Boston College, November 23. The nice thing about this matchup is you can make up all kinds of shit and nobody's going to know enough to correct you. What's that? The winner gets a traveling trophy called the Terreagle, a half turtle half bird hybrid that is too heavy too fly and too unwieldy to swim? YOU GO WIN RANDY EDSALL THAT TERREAGLE, FELLAS.

4. Cal hosts Arizona, November 2. The obvious draw here is the cumulative offense, but think bigger. Rich Rodriguez has proven he's a playful guy. You can convince him to go up against Sonny Dykes dressed as Cher. It'll be worth it just for the extremely sexually confusing halftime interview. "Coach Rodriguez, what made you decide to go for it on 4th down so deep in your own territory?" "Well, Heather, if I could tuuuuuurn back tiiiiiiiiuuuuhm..."

5. Illinois hosts Michigan State, October 26. You think you know what it is to weep, and then you watch Tom Rinaldi review 2012 tape with Tim Beckman. (SPOILER: Tim Beckman doesn't have cancer, but his playbook does.)

6. Wake Forest hosts Florida State, November 9. Guest picker Muggsy Bogues.

7. Iowa State hosts Iowa, September 14. Since these teams renewed the annual rivalry game in 1977, the loser has gone on to win the national championship ZERO times. The stakes simply couldn't be higher!

8. Duke hosts Pitt, September 21. See if you can convince Paul Chryst and David Cutcliffe to forego the coin toss in favor of a friendly game of Mancala. ESPN Road Trips: They're Just Like Yours!

9. Virginia hosts Oregon, September 7. No, you won't be picking the home team to win. But the nice thing about Croakies is that they don't hurt a bit when flung at you.

10. Kansas hosts Oklahoma, October 19. Come on, you can't not be there for The Loss That Sent Bob Stoops Over The Edge. (Just make sure you blur his peen after Kansas blocks that field goal to win in overtime. Kids and such.)

Ten glorious weeks of new destinations ready for you, GameDay. There are others that didn't make the cut but would be just as worthwhile - Syracuse, Washington, Mississippi State, Washington State, Minnesota, and Indiana*. We know you have to follow the top-tier narratives. But, if you can, think of the children you never visit.

*NOTE: No American Conference team made this list, even though only Houston has hosted College GameDay. Why, you ask? Have you ever shown up so late to a party that things were already winding down but you felt bad and hung around anyways and ended up helping with clean up even though there wasn't even any pizza left? That's why.