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HE'S A GAMER. RIP, Truck. Nick O'Leary of Florida State's coming through.

That happened a while ago--and you can read all about it at Tomahawk Nation, of course--so Nick O'Leary, who walked away from that accident with no major injuries, will be ready for the season. It's perfectly fine to ride a motorcycle, provided you wear a helmet and are an immortal viking. If you are not an immortal viking, we call dibs on your liver and corneas.

NOW EVERYTHING IS FIXED. This is why monuments and statues and plaques are stupid ideas in the first place. BTW, if you know the stone mason in question, hit us up because we will buy that for cash money and put it to good use.

IT'S HELPFUL TO DIAGNOSE STUPID THINGS EARLY. Jason has a full list of terrible arguments about the Clowney hit/officiating brouhaha/ETC, and you should read it because stupid never turns its headlights on, so you have to train to see it coming ahead of time.

SO HE'S PROCEEDING AS USUAL IS WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. The head coach at Michigan State is confused and disgusted with what he sees, so he is Mark Dantonio, and he is in good health and doing what he usually does re: everything.

ETC: Thomas DeCoud, saying "it's all good" in the least comforting way imaginable. Ooh, new 30 for 30s don't include college football, but EDDIE.