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HEEEEEEE'S/ HE'S A NEW DAY RIIIIIIIIISIN'. The Bob Stoops Year of the Midlife Crisis continues, with Stoops now reminding everyone that the SEC offense of the Aggies' long history in the Big 12, and then randomly biting a bystander. Bob Stoops is going through things, and like all middle-aged men in the grips of a deep midlife crisis is probably playing "Times Like These" by The Foo Fighters over, and over, and over again, perhaps while crying and singing along. <-----this is will never, ever, ever stop being funny to us, ever.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: He also dances in the locker room after games, and video of this will be had.

A REMINDER. That Kevin Sumlin, the one of that award-winning monster of an offense, vanquisher of the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide, and all around smooth bastard, did a lively little promo chat with Jason Kirk, and also walked into SEC Media Days only wearing a porkpie hat over his business. He definitely did one of those already, and will probably also do the other as soon as he drops a few of those recruiting tour pounds.

OH, AND SELL YOUR CHILDREN. For tickets to the suites at the new Kyle Field. When college football stadiums start selling tickets to "drinking-only sections," then we'll really be cooking with oil.

RANDY SPETMAN IS OUT AT FSU. The only logical replacement is Jeff Bowden. Do it now, FSU. Do it before he's snatched up by someone else.

ETC: James never gets dunked on or cries, but Krispy Kreme ain't your average man. Chewed-up Chicken Wings Of Atlanta dot tumblr dot com. MONTAEOUS WALTON MADE IT ALL UP AND EVERYONE BOUGHT IT. Wright Thompson went to Italy and found racists! Like, tons and tons of racists.