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Mike Zarrilli

DECENT PLAY-FAKE. Terrible, risky throw, though, but that's what you get when you have a gunslinger doing gunslingery things.

Roll jugglin' a TD troll job Tide.

THE MIGRATION IS HERE AND NOW PAUL JOHNSON IS COVERED IN ANGRY GEESE. Georgia Tech's recruiting photoshops are pure madness, but they did lead to this, so it's not all the lowest and most random application of meme'in let loose on the internet:

#TheMigration is using the weather as a selling point for Georgia Tech, which is something Georgia totally can't do because Athens is constantly under a cloud layer raining blood hail on the campus at all times. That's science because Georgia Tech does science, and don't argue with it, recruit.

KIRK HILL AND JERRY FERENTZ. Both equally disturbing, though Jerry Ferentz is way, way more pedostache-y.

IT WILL DRIVE YOU TO INSANITY. When you're one of the 58 people who really, really care about Boston College football, and have been through the recent history of Boston College football, you will start to see things in everyday objects that might not exist at all.

NOTRE DAME WILL CONTINUE TO PLAY FOOTBALL. And they should be pretty good at it in 2013, too.

ETC: Tommy Tomlinson on Dick Trickle, who shot himself yesterday at the age of 71. Boomer just makes you feel so relaxed like you're talking to a buddy at the sports bar. Hey, the NFL still employs someone who doesn't consider concussions to be a serious injury.