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Adam Pretty

Whether you're a BCS Champion or you lost the Sun Bowl to Georgia Tech, Herff Jones wants to help you preserve life's special memories. Maybe Mark Emmert doesn't think you're the winner of the Coastal Division, but this handsome gold ring says otherwise. That's just one option available in the Victors Line - the latest in high-quality sports jewelry from Herff Jones. This exclusive collection also includes:

JAYHAWK RESILIENCE RING: After struggling to a 5-19 record under Turner Gill, all seemed lost for Kansas football. But then a savior took up the challenge and led the mighty Jayhawks back to an unblemished record. This ring commemorates that special day, when Charlie Weis beat South Dakota State and put 1-0 Kansas back atop the college football mountain. Non-toxic.

TAXSLAYER DOT COM SILVER PLATE: The Gator Bowl has long been known as "America's Wimbledon," and now it's got the runner-up trophy to match! Our craftsmen steal flatware from Ruby Tuesday's all over Duval County, melt them down, get crazy high off the fumes, and we can't talk about the rest under the terms of a settlement agreement. Comes engraved with your choice of "Angry Dan Mullen" or "Really Angry Dan Mullen."

TEMPE PENDANT OF POWER: Was it merely the shifting tides of Fate that turned things around for Arizona State in 2012? Or was that 8-5 season literally magical? Dangling from a delicate gold-plated chain, this one-of-a-kind crystal has been blessed by the tears of the lady who plays Pocahontas at Disney Land and has unverified healing powers! Please note: Arizona law prohibits us from selling the Tempe Pendant of Power to anyone with a Hispanic or Italian-sounding last name.

WEST VIRGINIA ANKLET OF GLORY: This stylish anklet, commissioned in honor of the 2012 Mountaineer defense, complies with the requirements for a house arrest monitoring device in 37 states and is emblazoned with the WVU secondary's motto, "Cover It Like You Stole It." Available in sterling silver, white gold, or pepperoni.

GATOR BAIT CHARM BRACELET FOR HER: Each charm in this stylish accessory is a bronzed piece of Livestrong bracelet that has emerged semi-intact from the entirety of Will Muschamp's digestive tract. Comes with eleven pieces total to commemorate Florida's 11-2 season, you'll be the belle of the Alachua County Ball once they see ¡ADVERSITY! spelled out on your wrist.

JOYFUL NOYS EAR TAGS: Twenty-two times last year, Kyle Van Noy tackled a player for a loss of yardage. When he did, he affixed to that player one of these limited edition sapphire-encrusted tags, which cannot be removed. Van Noy can then track these players as they grow, waiting until they've fully developed before he slaughters them for personal consumption.


IRISH ECHOES GOBLET: Stylized with vaguely Celtic-Gaelic-whatever symbols, this stunning drinking vessel is etched with a Latin prayer that, when recited aloud, makes Mark May's hair fall out all at once. A tasteful addition to any china cabinet, until some loudmouth Tide fan breaks in and steals it and isn't even arrested because the sheriff is from Bessemer and it's all rigged against Notre Dame because of jealousy.

The Victors Line, only from Herff Jones. Because your parents will pay for anything.