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CONGRATULATIONS, LOUISVILLE. Teddy Bridgewater scored 56 points, grabbed 24 rebounds, and dished out 34 assists as Louisville cruised to a victory over the Michigan Wolverines in last night's NCAA men's basketball championship in the Georgia Dome. Congratulations, new Derby City overlords, who apparently cannot lose a game in anything in 2012-2013. (Except for UConn and holy hell what the shit was that.)

THE TEAM THAT TROLLS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER. Godfrey went to Tennessee and found the coaching staff doing all kinds of new things, including having coaches and players trash talk each other on Twitter. This will end with a coach being tricked into tweeting out a link to Meatspin. This will happen, and we have powers.

CORRECTION: The curator of the Bryant museum in Tuscaloosa writes re: our Mad Men reference post yesterday.

Just read your article about the 1968 Cotton bowl, which was very interesting, but you made one mistake- You stated- "The 1968 Cotton Bowl was quietly the first integrated bowl game for both schools." If by this you meant the first time Alabama or Texas A&M played against an integrated team, then at least for Bama that’s incorrect- the 1959 Liberty Bowl vs Penn. State was the first for Bama, I can’t speak for Texas A&M.

But if you meant the 1st time each school played a bowl game with African/Americans on both teams, then again @ least from the Bama’s side that too is wrong. Andrew Pernel as a walk- on did make it through the 1967 season but at the end of the school year( before the bowl game) he had to make a choice stay with the team and give up his church scholarship or Give up football and keep the scholarship, he made the only choice he could make, he paid for school. So technically he was not on the team for the 1968 cotton bowl game.

So the 1972 Sugar bowl vs Nebraska(btw: maybe the greatest college football ever!) was the 1st time both teams were integrated.

Thanks for your time and roll tide,

Taylor Watson


Paul W. Bryant Museum

University of Alabama

Noted, sir, and we can't end a note with that, but we're glad you work in an office where that's actually part of the job description, Mr. Watson.

MIAMI APPEARS TO BE ALIVE. And recruiting well in the Tampa Bay area, since Miami has the innovative hook of "come to play for us, and open up the doors to leaving Tampa forever." Prized OL prospect Reilly Gibbons spurned Florida and Florida State for the Hurricanes, a sure sign he liked what Al Golden is pitching, and that he likes the prospect of living in a place where hijacking boats is a hobby and not a crime.

CEASING AMBLING (FOR NOW.) If you remember Markeith Ambles, you remember him as a feather in Lane Kiffin's cap in the 2010 recruiting season. Like so many Lane Kiffin recruits, that feather fell out, caught a draft, and has now landed somewhere else, specifically Houston.

NIXON OVER RIGHT TACKLE FTW! The documentary on the 1969 Texas/Arkansas game looks incredible.

ETC: The inimitable Kyle Whelliston on the end of the basketball season, with feelings and stuff. Oh, and ROLL TIDE.