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Kevin C. Cox

ASS POWER. LSU keeps posting more Big Cat Drill videos, and we will keep reposting them as long as they keep showing large men demonstrating the raw power of properly charged glutes discharged in the name of knocking someone on their improperly charged glutes.

P.S. if you've never read the most important piece of butt-related literature ever written, do so now. If you are a man, your wife/partner/girlfriend is not ogling, she is merely trying to help you bet to win by properly estimating the athletic potential indicative in a well-prepared ass.

LOOKIN' GOOD, TB! If you can't dress in drag in a college a few times, you have simply done college wrong, even if you are a top-flight quarterback who frankly is not the most attractive fake lady in the world. He's no Kenny Stills, but no one in drag is. (Via)

THANK YOU, DAILY SHOW. The NCAA now has a good six months to live, and for that we can thank the Daily Show.

OOOOOOOOH SO SECRET SAID NO ONE. The SEC Network, the worst-kept secret in the history of the SEC and that is saying something, will be announced in Atlanta at a press conference on Tuesday. This means more money for the Southeastern Conference, but more importantly means hours and hours of filler programming like old games and reruns of Evening Shade. That last part may not be true, but it should be.

UCONN'S NEW LOGO IS FAMILIAR. Mostly because it looks like their old one, but that is not a bad thing and if you doubt this ask Arizona State and their new Disney gimp.

ETC: Atlanta is so much sexier than you can imagine. Wu-Tang has one more mission, but we'd assume this meant a literal commando strike, and not necessarily a new album, Pitchfork. FROZEN TURKEY VULTURES URRWHERE.