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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

THAT'S JUST A PICTURE OF LANE KIFFIN. The face looks confused, but the hair? STUNNING.

EVERYONE GETS A CELEBRATION. Texas is posting highlights of their spring practices filmed with some kind of GoPro in an aquarium on a boom. It's still pretty cool, particularly because you can see how tight coverage is in the endzone, and also because you can laugh at players simultaneously celebrating a touchdown and a successful goal line stand.

This footage was posted on Youtube and not the Longhorn Network in the hope that someone, somewhere, might actually have the chance to watch it.

LET'S REWARD A JOB DONE. UCF's continued love affair with a terrible human being would mystify you if you were not familiar with the rest of UCF football history.

RE: TERRIBLE HISTORIES. UMass survived their first season in FBS football by winning two games: one on the field, and one against those at UMass who wanted to move the team back down to FCS immediately. Bill C is way, way kinder than he should be here, but he's nice like that.

TIM BREWSTER'S TWEETS, REVIEWED. It's amazing what a few days and a new situation can do to fine works of literature like Tim Brewster's tweets, and how hot your chili can indeed get reading them if you're a recently jettisoned Mississippi State fan.

GARY ANDERSEN, JOB CREATOR. Hiring a new special teams coach with a quickness after Jay Boulware bolted for Oklahoma, and presumably finding "The right guy" this time. It's a good time to be a Nevada assistant, presumably because one can simply say "Chris Ault pistol fairy dust is all over my ass" and coaches will snap it up.

ETC: Our old producer from SDFB went to Gabon and made a film about people taking acid in the jungle, but you probably already suspected that. We enjoyed this guide to NBA hand signals quite a bit. Winston Churchill's iconic scowl, explained. BRO WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR HANDS. This jetski may have some altered imagery in its ad. RIP, Paul Bearer.