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In these fashion-forward times that we, the upscale, urban gentlemen about town, find ourselves, it is often a fine line we must walk through our wardrobe between what is perceived as the classic visage of what is man without looking tired and old-fashioned and what is new and fresh without looking like every hipster with an ill-fitted shirt, skinny tie, and an extensive Bon Iver playlist. You need something unique, something vintage that sets you apart from the run of the mill Brooks Brothers and Urban Outfitters crowds. You need a piece, so understated that it is barely significant to the naked eye but so monumental that it becomes not just and accessory, but a part of you. A one-of-a-kind piece that is matched in it's uniqueness only by the stories that we all know it could tell.

Behold, so a piece does exist, and must be a part of your life, post-haste...I give you the vintage Barry Switzer briefcase.


Still likely stained with glasses of single-malt now long forgotten, this timeless briefcase is perfect to carry important documents, utensils of your trade, or the unmarked bills that need to be transferred to Philadelphia, Mississippi in order to get Marcus Dupree to return to school on time for the bowl game.

A simple yet elegant monogram will mark your property and also make it easy for the TSA agents to know who's bag is who's when they find the glock in the side pocket that you conveniently forgot to remove before you packed for your latest business trip.


And if anyone was to question the age and vintage of your newest arm candy, the previous owner was dear enough to leave a memento of a time and funeral of some former Arkansas coach and trainer years since passed.


Truly a special piece that you can breathe new life in to. But, as with all things concerning the previous owner of this item, pants, as an accompaniment to the briefcase, are optional.