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She did it all, and all in a skintight purple evening dress


They told her a woman could never play sports. They told her that a woman especially couldn't play football, and especially not in the Lone Star State. They told her that even if a woman got on the field, she'd be a kicker, or maybe a holder at best. And if she somehow got snaps at running back, even? In the wildest of wild dreams? No way she could even get out of the backfield, much less while wearing a pair of bejeweled sandals and a form fitting purple formal evening gown.

Peggy ran for 1300 yards that season for North Texas. She outran linebackers. She outran safeties. A time or two, she even outran an embarrassed DB.

But most importantly, for one magical fall in Denton, she outran the flimsy barbed wire that fenced in minds across the Great State of Texas.*

*We have no idea why the hell North Texas put a woman cuddling with a helmet on their 1970 media guide besides "boobs," but we bet this woman really did run for 1300 yards. HT: Seth K