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MARK EMMERT IS A HORSE. Or he might as well be after you read the full timeline of the Emmert era at the NCAA, which took another stellar turn last night when the Miami Herald reported that NCAA investigators lied to interview subjects in the Nevin Shapiro case. Oh, and the successor to the person who attempted to use Shapiro's attorney to the case did the exact same thing, something the NCAA did not mention at all in their report on misconduct in the case.

The NCAA is a cheerleader for collegiate sports!

HELLO MEATWAD. As despised as they are as a rival, this is quality work (and is also a doctoral project).

HELLO SPRING. The azaleas are about to bloom, geese are passing over the house squawking on their way northward, and like the first daffodils to breach the earth's frozen crust, Steve Spurrier is talking shit at practice. Steve Spurrier's father lived until his nineties, and so will Steve because genes do not lie and sass is the original Fountain of Youth.

IT WAS PITT. Yes, the hurry-up offense allows you to do things like run the same play five times in a row for a TD, but it helps if you're facing Pitt in their third year in a row in Birmingham.

ETC. "The time a Bill Clinton impersonator performed 'It Wasn't Me' at the Apollo and destroyed the place." Woohoo, another season o'tanglin' and rasslin' in the hills of Harlan. There are so many clips of David Bowie on drugs, and this is one of them.