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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

JUST ANOTHER DELIGHTFUL PICTURE OF LANE KIFFIN. The photo tool for some reason is just clogged with pictures of Lane Kiffin making exasperated faces. The photo tool is the best friend we have ever had or ever will have.

TO HELL WITH YOUR TACKLING DUMMY. Tulsa's defense is out there being absolutely inhuman to tackling dummies. This is okay, because tackling dummies are not people no matter what current UVA DC Jon Tenuta says they are, or what they just said about your mother. (P.S. Tenuta really does believe tackling dummies are people, and that's why he has three of them bound and gagged in his basement.)

That's great son. Now please pay for that tackling dummy, because you are not an employee of the university, and merely a student-athlete. P.S. You can probably just leave without paying for it, since we did that with a french horn at the University of Florida and totally never paid for it.

OR LET'S JUST HOLD UP REAL FAST ON THAT STORY. If you're going to air a story about an alleged rape, it really helps not to use a warrant with the hames of those involved on a broadcast, then put that video online, then delete it, and then use the same video with names in it on the 11 o'clock news. Ramzzy is right: if a blog had done this there would be heads rolling left and right. (And there may yet be, but still.)

BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS AWFUL. Dan Wetzel on the Steubenville Rape Trial is necessary reading, but it's not exactly fun.

THE EVER-ENTERTAINING JEFFERSON FAMILY. The Louisiana Jeffersons, who appear to be the number one family you totally want a barbecue invite for since, yeah, they seem lively at all occasions.

AND BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS LEGALISH TODAY. Yes, we see the arrest of Cayleb Jones at Texas, and will adjudicate accordingly in a Fulmer Cupdate later today.

ETC: When Jonathan found his father again, years later, Bob was living alone in a goat hut on the Mani peninsula. He had no running water, and no lavatory. But he did have a cravat, and a clipping from a biography of Field Marshal Alexander which read "the greatest Hun-killer I ever knew was Major Bob Crisp".