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Jim Bollman, in case you don't remember, was the offensive coordinator whose 2011 horrorshow met the horrorshow 2011 Florida offense and lost to it in a bowl game, but Mark Dantonio loves him some walrusball and cannot be denied. The Big Ten's offensive coordinators include Al Borges, John Shoop, and Greg Davis. #BACKWARDSTOTHEFUTURE

WE WROTE SOME COMBINE THINGS. Honestly, no idea about the Sheldon Richardson bubble at the combine.

KNEES ARE TERRIBLE THINGS. Warren Norman, the 2009 freshman of the year, will end his football career at Vanderbilt because he no longer has functional knees.

MIKE MACINTYRE SAYS COLORADO HAS MORE RESOURCES THAN SAN JOSE STATE. That means things were really, really bad at San Jose State, where he and his staff had to raise money to go on recruiting trips. He is currently at Colorado, where a team that receives a gigantic check from the Pac-12 did not have enough chairs to hold an offensive line meeting. The takeaway from this is that Mike MacIntyre likes very difficult things.

HOKIE HI TO YOUR GIGANTIC NEW MOTH MAGNET. Lane Stadium's teeny video screen will be replaced by merely the eighth largest video scoreboard in college football. Is Bud Foster gonna watch Jason Statham films on it late at night while sitting in a camp chair finishing a 12 pack or three? Oh you bet your camo-clad ass he is.

WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE. Texas A&M's Christine Michael slept through two interviews at the NFL Combine, but really you can sit in bed, ask yourself insane questions about whether your mother was a prostitute or not, and then simply email your answers to NFL GMs to prove you can work remotely and can be trusted in the offseason. (They may not ask whether your mother is a prostitute, as Jeff Ireland of the Dolphins did. They may also ask if your dad is one.)

THAT IS ONE WAY TO ANNOUNCE IT. Ole Miss linebacker Ralph Williams is leaving the team for unspecified reasons, and announced as much on Twitter. This makes it official that not everyone is signing with Ole Miss in 2013.