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ART BRILES SAYS YOU CAN LEAN, ROCK, OR EVEN DROP WITH IT. Baylor keeps up their murderous pace in games through a variety of innovative speed and flexibility drills, including a revolutionary knee flexibility drill that originated in Texas.

The first person to procure footage of Art Briles doing the stanky leg will receive a $5 Rax Roast Beef gift certificate from us. FIVE DOLLARS, WE SAY.

THE COW COLLEGE STAYS COWIN'. Mississippi State doesn't shy away from the label cow college, and that's why their winningest coach ever was a grumpy Holstein named Bud in the 1920s. Sing, milkin' ladies; sing with all your might, and then whip off a rubber glove to give the viewer the strangest boner ever.

OH NO BIG DEAL JUST EXCLUSIVE NEIL CALLOWAY NEWS. The former UGA OL scapegoat and UAB coach will be joining Bobby Petrino at WKU in an SBNation exclusive. Remember: we are your source for all important overpaid assistant news.

APOLOGIES: ONE MORE VISUAL. Landry Jones running the 40 OH MY GOD---

The hands seem to be the only part of the body on board with any of this; the rest are engaged in a bloody internecine conflict that Landry is lucky to have survived.

THOUGHTS, PRAYERS, ETC. UConn running back Martin Hyppolite is in serious condition after a head-on collision that killed one man in Connecticut. Hyppolite is in serious condition as of this morning, so thoughts, prayers, etc to him and his family.

ETC: Some stories will never die, like the time Miles Davis took too much cocaine and crashed his Lamborghini.