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WOO PISS SOOOOIE. You know, there is something symbolic about Arkansas fans being left adrift, forced to live in their own shit, and then emerging on the other side smiling and yelling WPS to no one in particular. You are never sane, Arkansas fans, but the lack of sanity makes optimism easier no matter the situation. (Via)

AUBURN STUDENT PAPER: NOT PLAYING. The student newspaper will probably get a very nasty response from an editorial not only demanding the resignation of AD Jay Jacobs, but also calling him the "sick pope" of Auburn athletics. On an unrelated note, "Sick Pope" would be a fantastic EDM DJ name. But hey,Cam's invited to a social, y'all!

LET'S NOT RISK INJURY LIKE THAT. And telling Jadeveon Clowney what to do is just a terrible idea if you value your own hide, even if the idea of him jumping to the NFL makes sense if only for safety reasons. But if anyone could have pulled a one-and-done and made it work in the NFL, it would be Clowney, because next year he will turn people into ashy silhouettes where people used to be. (Follow Florida's lead: just don't try to do anything on offense, wait for SC to implode on special teams, and you'll be fine, and possibly leave with an intact quarterback.)

ANTHONY MIDGET. Anthony Midget.

SINGLE BACK SEEMS PRODUCTIVE. If you wondered why the single-back clinic has become a kind of offseason mecca for offseason minds, well, it's numbers. (Though the point of big run plays coming out of the three back set should please anyone who wants someone to just ball out and run the wishbone for a whole game.)

ETC: THAT is how you break down a hockey fight. LSU baseball has way better food than you do.