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Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

The NCAA Rules Committee has recommended ejection for targeting defenseless players above the shoulders, and in theory that's fine. D.J. Swearinger is a very good football player who is probably a decent human being. He should also never, ever be allowed to do this on a football field.

The proposed change makes targeting an ejectable offense, but also makes targeting a reviewable one.

The committee has also decided, in an effort to address concerns when one of these plays is erroneously called, to make the ejection portion of the penalty reviewable through video replay. The replay official must have conclusive evidence that a player should not be ejected to overturn the call on the field. Additionally, a post-game conference review remains part of the rule and conferences always have the ability to add to a sanction.

Be prepared for every ejection to be reviewed, because Will Muschamp has already appealed one and we do not play football for another eight months. Be prepared for us to note that this goes against the NCAA's promise of a leaner rulebook for football, something you should have anticipated since the NCAA is making this up as they go. Be prepared for referees from each major conference to make a total disaster of this in their own way.

  • SEC: Referee ejects concussed and unresponsive Western Carolina receiver after Alabama safety leaves feet to annihilate said receiver.
  • ACC: Ron Cherry flags defender for "car theft ring," sentences him to 6 years in state prison
  • Big 12: Only calls it against Oklahoma State, even in games where Oklahoma State isn't playing and what the hell ref they're on bye week this is BULLSHIT.
  • PAC 12: Glasses ref calls it on a punt, ejects Steve Sarkisian for arguing call even though Steve Sarkisian is coaching in a game 580 miles away, cites "Butterfly Effect" and awards a rouge to Oregon State.
  • Big Ten: Is actually only used in appropriate circumstances but Jim Delany requires referees to refer to the penalty as "Ungentlemanly Honorfailing."
  • MAC: Like this ever even comes up in a MAC game. You might as well add a rule incorporating the Third Amendment.

There is also an additional proposed rule change allowing only one person on a team to wear a number. When you say Lane Kiffin hasn't made his mark in college football, just remember this and nod confidently. Ooh! And a ten second runoff for injuries at the end of the half that might incentivize injuries!