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Jared Wickerham

OODLES AND OODLES AND OODLES OF BOWLS. We've got your entire postseason lineup, featuring Pitt breaking its Compass Bowl curse, East Carolina being rewarded with a game in a terrible baseball stadium, and Buffalo getting to leave upstate New York in December for...Boise.

IT'S NOT BRIBERY IF IT DOESN'T WORK. Unfortunately, 70 bowl slots < 80 bowl-eligible FBS teams, and of the ten programs that didn't get an invitation to the winter dance this year, half came from the Sun Belt, even though the conference was willing to pay to play in Shreveport or Detroit. Wait, Shreveport and Detroit turned down cash offers? We call bullshit.

FROM BISON TO COWBOY. Wyoming's new coach, Craig Bohl, had more career wins against FBS schools as the head coach of FCS powerhouse North Dakota State than Wyoming did in the last two years. He also beat Kansas State, pushing Bill Snyder one step closer to death ha no obviously we're kidding Bill Snyder is Rasputin.

DEMOCRACY! The final, transparent Coaches Poll is always a joy to behold. It starts out uncontroversial - everyone has FSU first - and then it gets a little wonky. Art Briles has Big Ten Champion Michigan State 8th. Rocky Long has Baylor in 10th. Bret Bielema may as well have not ranked Ohio State at all. And Dabo Swinney put Stanford at 10th, because Dabo Swinney believes California is where the witches live.

WE'RE SO SORRY, DUKE. It doesn't really seem fair that you have to play Johnny Manziel in what could be his last college game, but Good Bull Hunting never bothered with fair before.

ETC. THIS IS NOT HARRY POTTER CANON. They'll never catch us if we stick to GoldenEye in our dorm room.