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Grant Halverson

Cutcliffe, back again
Check to a hot route, let's begin
Party on party people, lemme hear some noise
DC's in the house, jump jump for joy
Cause there's a Devil over here, a Devil over there
Put your hands in the air, TD to Crowder
These three words when you're gettin busy
Duke! There it is, hit me

Duke! There it is
Duke! There it is
Duke! There it is
Duke! There it is

Call the veer, then a wheel route
I'm bout to show all you folks what it's all about
Now it's time for me to get on the mike
And make this ACC title hype
I'm takin it back to the old school
Cause I'm an old fool
Who's so cool
Wanna beat VT, I'mma show you the way
Duke! There it is, lemme hear ya say

(This is your third open thread. THAT'S ME DC THE BRAIN SUPREME.)