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Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

YOU'RE THE VOICE, TRY AND UNDERSTAND IT. What you need is a training montage, Will Muschamp.

Someone please fire this man.

NOOOOOOO BULLY. It wasn't the dog, which is sort of a relief since the dog would not have survived a collision with the ESPN camera cart. But it still sucks that the woman who played one of the humanoid Bullys for Mississippi State was run over last night just before overtime, and suffered a compound fracture in the process. She got surgery last night, and is reportedly doing just fine this morning.

IN OTHER INJURIES. Ole Miss did lose the Egg last night, and it only took Dan Mullen risking his entire career and Dak Prescott to go 6-6 (and beat Ole Miss, of course.)

THE GAWWWWWWD. It's rivalry weekend, a good time to spend significant hours with family and loved ones. Fortunately for you, Bill C loves his spreadsheets as much as he loves his family, and that's why you get 5000 words on Rivalry Saturday before noon on Friday.

AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION. Everyone's number two, who if he hangs around long enough will be the number one. That is A.J. McCarron in a very neat capsule description, sir.

FLORIDA STUDENTS ARE GIANT PRESCHOOLERS. That's accurate, and not entire uncomplimentary. #TeamSkittles

THANK YOU, TAIWANESE ANIMATORS. The Iron Bowl as it should be rendered.

ETC: Can't wait for March Madness.