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AT LAST, #MACTION. Last night's Ball State/NIU game finally delivered on the promise of zany midweek MAC football we've been waiting for, and also a dog high-fived a human on the sidelines. That was nice, and then we sent Clay (@SBNationGIF) to work. Then magic happened, because that is all that happens in Dekalb, Illinois.

There is also the superb and insane MAC conference commercial, where the guy makes the big shot, gets the girl, and the kids couldn't be more impressed at the diner.

You can. YOU BOTH CAN.

UNSTOPPABLY GOOD IS A PROBLEM. Another thing that might be very true about exactly how Ball State's body blows did little to dissuade NIU from turning the fourth quarter into a blowout: Jordan Lynch might be so exceptional as to nullify any possible defenses for him.

P.S. Never forget (if only for the P.J. Fleck quotes at the bottom.)

HERE'S THAT EXTREMELY AMBIGUOUS JAMEIS WINSTON STORY. Tomahawk Nation has been all over it from the jump, and let's all be reaaaaaaal careful about a sexual assault story that is a year old and being reported by TMZ.

PART TWO OF TERRIBLE THINGS. Lawyers in the Vandy sexual assault case have requested text messages from coaches (which they can and should do as part of the case.) (And let's hope there's absolutely nothing bad found, because it's bad enough as is.)


The increasingly endearing story of Coach O becoming the cool stepdad continues, this time written in the handwriting of a forceful ransom note. Everything about this is adorable, and will become twice as adorable if they beat Stanford this weekend.

VERBALLING SOLIDLY. It's a sneakily good slate, per Dan and Ty, and there's reason to believe them! (Mostly because we will watch it anyway, and will try to make it as good as we can in our minds because WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF FOOTBALL ALREADY.)

ETC: "Look at this crazy bitch." Oh the fierce drops.