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(We are occupied this fine Saturday and unable to provide you with current and newsworthy open threads. What could tear us away from football? Hint: it rhymes with "Gall Bedding.")

Nevada. Wake Forest. Ball State. Iowa State. Kansas State.

Those are the only teams Bill Callahan beat in his last year at Nebraska. It's one thing to have a clunker of a season - and man, did they get HAMMERED by Mangino's Kansas team that year. It's another to be a total grumpy asshole while doing it, and that's why Bill Callahan got his walking papers.

Bill Callahan still probably thinks it's someone else's fault that he failed with the Huskers. Bill Callahan is a dipshit, and you know this is true because he didn't even bother changing the offensive signals when he was coaching the Raiders in the Super Bowl AGAINST THE HEAD COACH WHO INSTALLED THOSE SIGNALS.

Be bad at your job, or have a shitty attitude. Don't do both, because that's some Bill Callahan shift.

This is your first open thread. Remember how much worse your coaching situation used to be, Nebraska fans.