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WYOMING DOES NOT HAVE ESCALATORS BUT IT IS NEVER BORING. Dave Christensen sacked his defensive coordinator early this morning a little over halfway through the football season, because Dave Christensen just likes shakin' things up a bit out on the lonesome high prairies of Wyoming when it gets slow.

That's our old NSFW Dave Christensen blues tribute from when he flipped out on Air Force's Troy Calhoun last year, because we will take even the flimsiest excuse to repost it. Nice ethics maaaaaannnn...

MARCUS MARIOTA'S POWERS ARE GROWING. He now controls refs with sheer suggestion.

That's actually immensely cool of him, and maybe a tad insane, but also cool. (Via r/CFB)

MIZZOU IS A NATIVE AMERICAN WORD FOR MISERY TINGED WITH METH. The Mizzou sections of this are the best, but you probably already guessed that.

HOT LEGAL TAKES. The O'Bannon juggernaut creeps another step forward in our nation's bowel system, aka the legal system, and may have a flaw in the class certification that could drastically change the case. Lawyers of America, thank you for being lawyers so we don't have to be lawyers.

PURDUE HARBOR CONTINUES. Still one of the weirdest unexplained phenomenon of our time: the occasional competitiveness of Purdue with Ohio State.

HELP AUBURN BUY THEIR WARHOL. It's worth a dollar to keep John Oates home where he should be.

ETC: Oh boy, it's looking a little gunslingery for Breaking Madden this week. There are an astonishing number of ways to crash an SR-71 Blackbird, including something horrifying called "engine unstart." The NFL has killed our beautiful Tavon Austin. You probably don't need to put kids in cages to protect them from wolves, but thank you for the astonishing visual, New Mexico.