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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

SHOUTING AND POINTING. The latest BCS rankings are out, and there is much fighting to be had between supporters of Florida State and Oregon. (And Ohio State, sure. I guess. Whatever makes you feel included.) No, no, don't pay any attention to Art Briles and Baylor at number six. Surely they're not tagging you with a laser connected to a guided missile.

JOKES. Tony Levine's got them in the uniform department, but you know someone on some message board is talking about how the first option looked better.

OH THANK HEAVENS. Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall should be back in action against Arkansas, which is a real blessing for those of you worried that Arkansas might only lose by 21. Bret Bielema's blood is now 74% shoe leather.

RECORD SCRATCH. There is a new single-game rushing yardage king in the college football universe, and that king is Octavias McKoy of Division III Western Connecticut, who ran for 455 yards on 43 carries against Worcester State, the best D-III team almost named after a condiment. (Sorry, Honey Musta A&M.)

DAD STRENGTH. That's what the police at Memorial Stadium were facing when they decided to arrest Nathan Creer, father of Nathan Scheelhaase, for resisting a peace officer after what sounds like a drunken fan fight. We're willing to give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt here, because dad strength + alcohol = superpowers.

ETC. Things are getting real as hell in the unreleased sixth season of The Wire.